Why Opt For A Kitchen Remodeling Company In Chicago?

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home, as here you spend an important part of the day – especially if you are fond of cooking! This is why you must invest in kitchen appliances, cabinets and such. Every once in a while, you may feel the need to add a touch of freshness to your home and to your kitchen – when that happens, it is very important to choose a professional kitchen remodeling Chicago company to help you out. Having said that, here you will find the most important reasons why you should opt for such a company:

1. Professional Designers At Your Service!

One of the most important reasons why you should opt for a kitchen addition and remodeling company in the city of Chicago is because these agencies work only with skilled and gifted interior designers that can create an one-of-a-kind kitchen. Do you want your kitchen to be the “signature mark” of your home, the one thing that will make it stand out from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood? Nothing easier – a remodeling company can offer you great value for your money, not to mention that a properly designed and renovated kitchen can also increase the overall value of your home.

2. You Get A Wealth Of Remodeling Ideas To Choose From

Another important aspect is that a renowned kitchen renovation company in Chicago can offer you a variety of ideas when it comes to the style and look of your kitchen, so you can choose the one that best complements the style of your home. Do you want something unique, yet you do not know where to start from? If you’re out of ideas and you are looking for inspiration, then a renovation company will do!

3. Top-Notch Services

The services of a professional company with experience in the field of kitchen remodeling are far better compared to the services of a local contractor or a do-it-yourselfer. After all, these designers have remodeled tens of kitchens in the past, therefore they are good at what they’re doing. If you want to get high-quality services that will not empty your bank accounts (nor will turn your home upside-down), then a remodeling company is undoubtedly the great choice.

4. They Can Design Your Kitchen Based On Your Needs

Are you more into baking than into frying the food? Or perhaps you have a large family that requires a big fridge to store your food and plenty of cabinets? A remodeling company in Chicago will analyze your situation and come up with a personalized kitchen remodeling plan that will meet your needs. Based on the needs and preferences of your family, you will get an exquisite, stylish, refined and highly functional kitchen. If you are passionate about gastronomy, then a brand-new and fully equipped kitchen will make you spend even more time in the kitchen!

To summarize, these are only some of the reasons why homeowners choose professional kitchen remodeling services these days. If you have decided that it’s time for a change, then you can easily find a local remodeling contractor in Elmhurst,IL on the Internet, the local media or the Yellow Pages can come in handy for that!

Take Advantage Of Home Remodeling As The Economy Goes Up

If you are a homeowner and your home needs some work, you probably want to consider remodeling your home. If you are interested in getting the chance to sell your home or increase the value of your house, you should try to start making a change in your home today.

Advantages of remodeling your house while the economy is down

- Increase the Value

The truth is that when you remodel your house today, you will be increasing your house’s value and look in the eyes of potential buyers. If you want to sell your house for the future, then it will be valued so much more in the future. It is highly recommended to try and increase the value as best as you can. If you especially want to help your home increase its value for future buyers, you can sell your house very easily when you get home remodeling done successfully.

- Sell your home in the future

Once the economy goes up, you can sell your house right away. However, if you remodel your house in the future, it may be hard to sell it later on. If you remodel it while you can this very day, you will be capable of finally being abl to sell it once the economy grows up very easily. You can sell your house once the real estate market goes straight up, and with a nicely designed home, you can enhance your chances in so many ways. Selling a house for a lot of money is just not possible unless you really do have a great interioe design and floorplan. A home remodeling session done on your home may be helpful to increase your chances of selling your house for higher than normal.

- Renting It Out

When you remodel it today, you can get it rented out for the future. This can allow for you to give your home away for rent and give you the chance to finally rent it out successfully. Selling your house is a good idea, but if you want to make a lot of cash soon, putting it up for rent is a great idea.

Getting Good Chicago’s Remodeling Work Done

The key to getting your plumbing done, walls, bathroom, kitchen, or any area of your home remodeled is to simply take your time on finding a respected company. There are so many wonderful companies who can help you out a lot. By looking carefully on a good service who can help remodel your house correctly, you can be sure to make your house look well.

If you want to be able to change your house, getting some remodeling done with a designer by your side can help you out for the future. There are plenty of cool things that you can take advantage of with a remodeled home. You can increase your value, rent it out and charge more, and simply help on just giving your house a great place to stay to someday sell it when the economy gets better.

Understanding major facts when you transform your residence

Most Chicago residents have transformed their basements from some wasted
space into something of their dreams, brought out with new life and
value for their happiness and family life. It can be a home
entertainment room, home theater, exercise room, game room or even an
extra bedroom complimented with a modern and stylish bathroom. The
concrete walls and dirty floors may give way to hard wood finishing and
plush carpeting. The sky is indeed the limit here. Let your imagination
take over the wilds, and it can now be turned into a reality. One can
now take control of these unused spaces and turn it over into the room
of their dreams. Giving these unused spaces a new identity shall be the
new cost effective way to enjoy more time with your home.
To do so, they shall require the best of the chicago basement remodel services and finishing works. There is no better alternative
than Barts Remodel & Construction Inc for the same at the
moment. Transform your dreams and ideas into designs, through
From basement finishing to even water
proofing, we shall assist all the way. In Chicagoland, where space come
limited, a professionally designed basement shall add more value to your
home. It can also be used to attract potential buyers to your home. The
design choices are plenty, and yet the accompanied cost shall be the

We expertise in various fields like basement finishing, remodeling,
restoration, heating, radiant floors, lighting, waterproofing and even
mold remediation. Unfinished Illinois basements does not have to mean
more wasted space anymore, as with Bart’s services one can easily turn
it into something new. Without resorting to an expensive endeavor in
home improvement, Our creative  remodeling services shall give
one a run for their money. Your home shall be your biggest investment in
your life. So why let us grow your investment, and increase your
returns ?
Most owners  resort to  to transform an underutilized room into a personalized space. The possibilities for such a room are endless, and with the Bart’s basement remodeling services,
one can now take it to the next level. To fire up that idea train, one
can look through the basement gallery in the website, filled with
previous projects. One can even avail of 3D modeling services that can
bring out your dreams in higher resolution. We shall take over the
entire project, go over various aspects of the project as we remodel
your home. Bart’s primary focus is the well being of the clients, and we
shall take no steps to sacrifice that principle.

Our team of experts shall plan and execute all aspects of your
project with professionalism, with a project manager to oversee the
entire process. As a second generation business, Bart’s experiences and
services are unbeatable. One never has to hire a designer or an
architect to design the model has been in business for close to half a century and never have any
clients left without an answer.

New Look at my house in 2013

There’s something about the turn of the calendar page from December 31st to January 1st that sparks a universal desire for transformation. After physical or financial makeovers, the top of the list for a ‘new look’ is probably your home. The decision to begin your own Chicago home improvement is thrilling. Renovation ideas abound on the Internet, home décor magazines and remodeling shows on television; however, remodeling Chicago style can also feel overwhelming. Where do you begin? Three easy steps will get you started and keep you on track toward the home transformation that you are looking for.

A deliciously flavored meal serves up well when the ingredients have been left to stew in a crock-pot. Letting your home design ideas ‘stew’ will ensure success when remodeling a Chicago home. Begin gathering your dreams from many sources. Start a folder with favorite design pictures torn from magazines. Save images on your tablet of preferred renovation inspirations. If you have the opportunity, visit home projects. After seveRemodeling Chicago ! ral weeks look over the designs and images that you have saved and it will give you a definitive sense of what your design style and desires are.

With notepad in hand, walk through your home and list the goals for your Chicago Home Improvement ! Taking out a wall between the kitchen and dining room may create a modern open space that gives new life to the area. A dated bathroom can be turned into a vacation styled spa when it is retiled and fitted out with stainless steel fixtures and hardware for resurfaced cabinets. What about a new center island in the kitchen, complete with antiqued styled cabinetry and an overhead pot rack?

While remodeling is not inexpensive, it is possible to work within a budget and still achieve that new 2013 transformation that you’ve dreamed about. It has been advised to set a remodeling financial plan and then add an additional 25% for unexpected costs that may arise. Having a clear understanding about the costs and your own resources is imperative when home remodeling in Chicago.

You are well on your way to your new 2013 look. Transformation is possible, one step at a time.

Get Your Chicago Kitchen Ready for Holidays

The brown kitchenThe holidays are upon us, which means it is time to cook delicious meals and bake tasty treats! Food and family are the best part of the season, but a kitchen remodeling chicago that is small, outdated, or has a poor layout can be very difficult to work in. Right now is the perfect time to remodel your kitchen, just in time for the best months of the year! Bart’s Remodeling can help you with all of your kitchen remodeling needs, no matter how big or small.

Counter space is essential in the kitchen, especially when you are planning to do a lot of cooking. If you kitchen lacks counter space, we can help you by utilizing the space in your kitchen to give you additional surfaces to work on. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, this can be done by adding additional countertops, or installing a kitchen island. The results will be functional, while giving your kitchen a fresh new look.

Holiday cooking usually requires a lot of pots, pans, and baking dishes. Storage of these items can become a problem if your kitchen does not have adequate cabinet space. Bart’s Remodeling can easily solve this problem by adding cabinets to your kitchen, or replacing your existing cabinets with larger ones that provide more room for storage. Not only will you have more storage, but you will also have beautiful new cabinetry that is sure to impress your holiday guests.

Nothing defines the holiday season like gathering around the table with family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal. If your kitchen does not have room for a dining room table, we can correct that problem by changing the layout of your kitchen. This can easily be achieved by removing a wall, or changing the positioning of your cabinets.

These fixes will make using your kitchen renovation chicago during the holidays much easier, but don’t forget about the fact that your new kitchen will be around far past the new year. An investment in your kitchen will last for years to come! Contact Bart’s Remodeling today for a free remodeling consultation.

Tips for Gentle Caring for Your Granite Countertops

Granite is a beautiful addition to any kitchen remodel project! This stone is a very popular countertop surface, and if it is cared for properly, it can remain in pristine condition for many years. When you make the investment of having granite in your kitchen, you are sure to want keep it looking great- caring for granite is easy if you follow a few simple tips.

While remodeling chicago granite is a very hard stone, it is slightly porous, which can leave it vulnerable to stains and scratches. The best way to prevent these problems is to seal your granite countertops on a regular basis. A good way to see if your countertops need to be resealed is to sprinkle several drops of water on the granite surface; if the water beads up, your countertop is properly sealed. If the water absorbs into the stone, it is time to apply another layer of sealant. Applying sealant is as simply as placing a layer of the solution on the countertop and rubbing it in with a soft cotton cloth.

Avoid using powdered cleansers when cleaning your granite, as they are abrasive and may damage the stone. Likewise, you should not use normal all-purpose cleaners on granite, especially if they contain ammonia. There are a variety of mild cleaners on the market that are designed specifically for granite, but you can also safely use phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dish soap and water to clean grease and grime from the surface of your countertops. Regular soap and water is not the best option for cleaning, as this combination can leave a film on the stone’s surface that can take away from the stone’s shine.

Even a well-sealed granite countertop can become stained. There are several ways of home remodeling chicago to combat stubborn stains. First try making a paste of gentle liquid dish soap, warm water, and flour. Place the paste on the stain overnight, and then remove with a wooden utensil to avoid scratches. If the stain is oil based, use the same method, but substitute hydrogen peroxide for the dish soap. Cornstarch can also be sprinkled over a granite stain- leave the powder on the countertop for 18-24 hours after renovation and then vacuum it up. If these methods do not alleviate the stain, there are products on the market designed to remove oil based stains from granite.

Finishing Considerations for Your Chicago Basement Remodeling

Basement finishing is a great opportunity for a basement remodeling chicago homeowner to really improve their homes. There are a few aspects that should be taken into account during the planning phase of a Chicago basement finishing project, however. In this article, some of these aspects will be touched upon and these would include the windows, colors, layout and lighting. Finishing can bring satisfaction and not to mention, adding much space to the living area could be a good opportunity.


Remodeling and finishing plans would often differ based on the area that has to be completed. When it comes to your layout, you should always consider your needs as a homeowner and the obstacles around that should be addressed. While a lot of these are apparent structures like air ducts that protrude down from the sub pumps or ceiling that are tucked in the corner, other obstructions may be less apparent. A few electronic circuit parts will require exposure. This can actually affect the overall basement finishing design but can be addressed by directly building it in the drywall or restraining it inside a small closet.


As you go on with planning the basement layout, you may also want to focus on your Chicago basement windows. These aren’t very big in size but should still serve their purpose. You may also consider wall placement. An interior room may impede your natural lighting. Moreover, avoid placing walls too close your existing windows. It is always advisable to keep them balanced within the new room to boost lighting. All basement finisher chicago contractors will wrestle you away from removing or covering a window from your interior layout.

Other means of adding natural light would include excavating around the exterior of the window and having smaller windows replaced with larger ones, if possible. The first method is to dig the area surrounding the window and put on a plastic cover around it. This will keep any of the debris from blocking the light and the debris from piling up. It can help keep off excess dirt too on the glass. If your Chicago home is constructed on a slope, a full-sized window may be afforded by the basement in the lower ground.


Once the fundamental construction is done, there are several strategies that you can use to create an open feel. For instance, lighting is a key aspect due to lack of full-scale windows. You may also wish to have overhead lighting placed in every primary area, potentially three  or more groups in larger areas. As possible, prevent energy efficient lighting since it is dimmer than customary counterpart.


Lastly, be cautious about the colors as they can have dramatic impact on the entire effect. Colors that are lighter are much open. Select a hue shade basement finishing or something brighter than you wish that will give connection between the basement area and upstairs. Tiles and carpets must be light in color to prevent dark appearance. Consult your Chicago contractor to discuss more flooring options for your basement.

The Smart Way to Build Your Home Addition

If you want to stay in your neighborhood in Chicago but your family is outgrowing your home, consider home expansion. A room addition solves space problems if you need another bedroom. If that doesn’t do it for you, think about a second story home addition. Our experienced staff guarantees one of the top services in home expansion Illinois has to offer.


One popular home expansion in illinois’s homeowners choose is a room addition chicago. Adding a second story home addition can transform a ranch home into a two-story colonial. Working with one of the best general contractors Chicago has to offer, you won’t need to worry about city building codes or requirements for raising or extending the roof. The experts handle those details.


A horizontal addition requires building a new foundation and new footings to gain the extra space. Before building out with a home addition Chicago homeowners should check on lot size for clearance issues. Building out often means adding rooms requiring plumbing. If you plan to add a laundry room or a bathroom, your expense will be higher. An extra bathroom is usually a smart choice as bathroom usually get a good return on your investment.



Whether it’s several rooms or one room addition, it’s the versatility of horizontal home expansion Illinois residents enjoy. In Chicago, a 3-season porch, garage or deck can be a smart way to expand storage or outdoor space. These rooms are less expensive. None of these additions require plumbing or insulation. General contractors in Chicago can complete these home additions quickly.


Although a designer can share tips on home expansion, your vision is the most important goal. In addition to the way it looks, make sure the new space is functional. It’s a good idea to discuss final plans with the contractor. If there is a technical problem with specs or building code violations, it is better to address it early in the process.


The smart way to build your home addition combines your personal needs with practicality. Even if you plan on staying in your home, you should maximize your investment. If you do list your home, did you complete the type of home addition Chicago homeowners desire?


Completing home additions chicago can make your small home more spacious. Whether it is a room addition, a second story home addition, or a horizontal build, it can increase the value of your home.


A great way to finish your empty space

Basement Remodeling Chicago Suburbs


Like most Americans, homeowners in the Chicago area love to be entertained.  A great way to add space for entertainment is a basement renovation. Hiring a professional finisher to remodel can turn unused space into the most popular area of your home.

In addition to entertainment, a remodel can offer functionality for the entire family.  Our experienced staff can help you design a home theater or a recreation room for everyone to enjoy.  We can give you ideas for finishing an area meant for kids or a space for adults.  From a man cave or a bar, to a playroom or storage area, a basement renovation can be an excellent investment.

Paying close attention to details in refinishing makes all the difference when it comes to a remodel.  Choosing the right type of flooring and lighting can make a big difference in achieving the best return on your money.  Those remodeling details can help create a positive environment your family can enjoy.

When it comes to flooring, our experts can explain the best options for durability. Some of the trendy styles of flooring might not be the most practical choice to install on a cement surface.  Depending on the floor’s condition, hardwoods or laminates usually require subflooring while some products like ceramic tiles can often be installed after leveling the surface.

A skilled remodeling finisher can give you advice on the best flooring options based on the purpose of the room.  If the area is on the small side, you can go with lighter colors of flooring to make the space seem bigger.  If you want to choose sustainable flooring, we can show you some of the most popular types of environmentally friendly floors.  Products made from bamboo or recycled materials can provide functionality at a reasonable price.

Lighting is another concern when refinishing space on the lower level.  After taking advantage of natural lighting from egress windows, most homeowners want sufficient lighting to create a bright space.  Without the proper type of lighting, a newly finished room can appear dark and dingy. Our company can show you a variety of lighting styles.  In addition to making an area look bright and inviting, the wide variety of styles can match your individual taste.

Contact our suburban Chicago team to get started on finishing the basement renovation of your dreams.

Accessibility in Chicago Kitchen Remodeling


Many Chicago families find it necessary to consider accessibility in designing their kitchen because of a family member with a disability or because of aging family members who are experiencing some physical limitations. At this time, there is no code of accessible design for residential homes. There are, however, sets of guidelines for various levels of home accessibility. Many of the features needed by persons with disabilities are also attractive and useful to others.

If you want to make your remodeled Chicago kitchen more accessible, here are some of the basic steps you might take:

  • Raise electrical outlets from the standard height of 12 inches to 15 or 18 inches above the floor
  • Consider wider hallways and doors (34-36 inches)
  • Do not include interior steps
  • Color contrast between trim and surface of the floor
  • Lever door handles, loop handle pulls on drawers and cabinet doors, touch latches or magnetic latches on cabinets
  • Light switches at 36-44 inches above the floor
  • Single lever water controls
  • Pressure balanced anti-scald valve at sinks
  • Space between face of cabinets and walls of 48 inches or more
  • Clear knee space under sink
  • Adjustable-height work surfaces (28-42 inches)
  • Stretches of continuous counter tops for easy sliding of heavy items
  • Pantry storage with easy access pull-out or adjustable-height shelves
  • Front-mounted controls on appliances
  • Cook top with knee space below
  • Side-by-side refrigerator to allow easy access to all items
  • Built-in oven with knee space beside
  • Dishwasher raised on a platform or drawer unit so top rack is level with adjacent counter top
  • Crank operated windows

Design help is also available from organizations like the Arthritis Foundation, the MS Foundation, the Parkinson’s Foundation and agencies on Aging. These organizations can also help you find architects and certified kitchen designers in Chicago who have the knowledge and experience to help you make good choices in creating an accessible kitchen. These organizations can also help you find manufacturers who make the appropriate styles of appliances.

The primary considerations in kitchen accessibility are:

1. Space – enough open space in the appropriate parts of the kitchen to allow someone to turn a wheelchair or a scooter.

2. Access – counter height, appliance design and storage design that is accessible to someone with reaching, bending or standing limitations.

3. Safety – think about and plan for alternative ways to do things, such as moving heavy items, reaching across cook tops or ranges, ability to reach needed items from a wheelchair.

With some research and thought you can create an accessible and stylish Chicago kitchen remodeling design that will be fully accessible and safe for family members with mobility limitations.